Press Releases on Art-Exhibit Openings, or other event

bulletAugust 31, 2004 -- Collective Exhibit at Casa Das Mulleres, Vigo, Spain
bulletJune 30, 2004 -- Exhibit at Studio34, Ourense, Spain
bulletApril 10, 2000 -- Artist Mona Xuna establishes presence on the Web
bulletAugust 7, 1996 -- Exhibit at the Sioux Falls Civic Fine Arts Center, SD, USA
bulletOctober 14, 1995 -- Exhibit at Pousada La Coloniale, Buzios, RJ, Brazil
bulletJune 6, 1995 -- Exhibit at RioCentro Conventions Center, Rio de Janeiro
bulletMarch 7, 1995 -- Exhibit at Olinda Othon Hotel, Copacabana, Rio, Brazil
bulletJanuary 20, 1995 -- Exhibit at City Park Hotel, Penedo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
bulletNovembre 28, 1994 -- Exhibit at Confeitaria Colombo, Rio de Janeiro, downtown

Media Coverage of Mona Xuna (AKA: Morgana Aguiar)

bullet"Artistas Gallegas y Latinoamericanas Exponen en La Casa Das Mulleres"
 Diario Atlántico, Sept, 2004
bullet"La Estampa Colorista de Brasil"
 Faro de Vigo, July 3, 2004
bullet"El Arte Brasileño Llega a Ourense", 
 Voz de Galicia, July 2, 2004
bullet"Brazilian Artist at home in Brevard"
 Viera Sun, May 9, 2003
bullet"Latin artist finds tranquility in bright colors"
 Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Aug.7, 1996
bullet"A moment of reflection and relaxation: The art of Morgana Aguiar"
Malhe & Dance Publication, July 1995
bullet"Beauties in our jungle "
Jornal do Commercio, March 10, 1995
bullet"'Brazilian Laundry-ladies' are in exhibit in Penedo"
A Lira Weekly Bulletin, January 27,1995
bullet"Laundry-ladies is the theme of Morgana"
Jornal do Commercio, January 26, 1995
bullet"Laundry-ladies arrived at Penedo"
Jornal do Commercio, January 15 1995
bullet"'The beauty of work' showed on canvas "
O Dia, January 15, 1995
several publications, 1995

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